Are These Cards Better Than Cheese?

Yesterday at my local Lawrence Target, they didn't have Topps Series 2 yet but they did have Donruss Studio 2004.  Which is okay as I'm feeling the same way about Series 2 as Night Owl is.  Along with my cards, I picked up some other things and this package of Wisconsin cheese which was about the same price as my three discount packs.

So the question is which was better, cheese or cards?

Going in, Donruss Studio has the disadvantage of being a set that is mainly a senior yearbook photo of baseball players while cheese is...well...delicious.  In the end it was no contest as it was the cheese all the way.

My best card from the pack was this Stan Musial with the Arch behind him.  If you've got 20 minutes I highly recommend watching the Charlie Rose interview that aired last night with Bob Costas, Tim McCarver, and George Vecsey (who has a new book out about Musical) as they discuss Stan the Man.

#184 Stan Musial

But other than that there was nothing remarkable.  Here are a couple more cards that caught my interest:

#84 Andy Pettitte
#134 Gary Sheffield

Here are a few more cards from the packs and I've mercifully skipped the commons.


night owl said…
Here is the order from least to best:

6. runny, disgusting fancy cheese
5. velveeta
4. cheese whiz
3. Kraft american "cheese"

(a giant chasm)

2. baseball cards
1. every other cheese there is

I really, really like cheese.
thosebackpages said…
i'm actually enjoying some five year old Gouda as i read this blog.

i love aged cheeses, just wish they werent so damn costly! lol
Justin McLeod said…
I whole-heartedly agree with Mr. Owl.
Twitch said…
Whoa, plain old tasteless Kraft above Velveeta?!

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