Vic Power Card Of The Week: 1994 Topps Archives 1954 Reprint

**In this series, we strive to collect a master set of all of Vic Power's cards.**

Here the first re-printed card I've shown in the Vic Power Card Of The's also been a couple of weeks since I did, I didn't run out of cards in my Vic Power collection...I just ran out of scanned images.  Well, I'm fully scanned in now and things are back on track. 

1994 Topps Archives 1954 Reprint #52 Vic Power

By 1994 I had given up on cards and switched mainly to comics so I missed the 1994 re-print set. This card is the first Topps Archives card I've got I think and the scan really doesn't show have the foil stamping adds to the card when looking at it in person. For a while this was my place holder for Vic's rookie card as a high quality version can be around $30. If since found one that's not perfect but was at a great price...but that's for another week's post.