Star Wars Card Of The Week: Lobot's Task

The new Star Wars cards that Punk Rock Paint is creating has inspired me to dig into my "older" Star Wars cards and highlight some of my favorites.

Lobot is probably on screen for less than three minutes in Empire but he's one of the characters that I really wanted to know more about.  Was he a robot?  Was he human?  And what was up with those awesome headphones, right?

1980 Star Wars Empire Strikes Back #191 Lobot's Task

Well, nearly all of Lobot's origin is told through the comics, novels, etc... that are outside of the three main Star Wars movies. Lobot is a human who's brain has been connected directly with Cloud City's computer network. When he was younger Lobot was arrested for stealing and sentenced to government service which led to his being connected to the computer system through his Borg Construct Aj^6 implant.


PunkRockPaint said…
All true. Love me that Lobot!