The Little Packers 2011 Draft Analysis A Week Later

For the Packers main three picks it was all offense all the time.  It all began with an offensive lineman, Derek Sherrod.  And quickly moved to Randall Cobb, a wide receiver from Kentucky, in Round 2.  Round 3 gave us Alex Green a running back from Hawaii.

At first it seems like an odd strategy since wide receiver doesn't seems like a position that would require a 2nd round pick.  But I guess Donald Driver is getting long in the tooth and if Cobb can catch passes he could replace James Jones.  Also, if you take a closer look at the Packer offense it could be improved...they did rank 9th overall in total offense.

In the end it is going to be an interesting free agency season as it is the first time it as occurred after the draft.

Beyond the Packers picks the most interesting Packer-related pick was the Eagles drafting Clay Matthew's brother Casey in the 4th round.  It was Clay who gave Kevin Kolb a concussion in Week #1 and was a general bane of existence of Michael Vick in the playoff game.