Error Cards: Eli Grba/Ryne Duren

**It could be a reversed negative, an obscenity written on a baseball bat, a picture of the wrong player, or a typo but there is something seriously wrong with these cards.**

I'd know those aviator shades anywhere! That's not Eli Grba!

1963 Topps #231 Eli Grba

In one of the classic Topps error cards, photos were switched and you get a small photo of Eli Grba [in the circle] and a large photo of Ryne Duren. Eli was one of the original Angels and pitched for five season. Ryne Duren, on the other hand is clearly the best baseball player ever named Ryne...I think that's a pretty accurate statement. I can't think of any other baseball player that would possibly even come close to being better than Ryne Duren. I'm as certain of it as I am in saying that the sky is blue...but I digress.

Ryne could have been the inspiration for the Wild Thing in Major League...he had an incredible fastball and possibly even more amazingly bad eye sight. Hence, the awesome glasses that adorn this card.