A Couple Of Pafkos

Here are a couple of new additions to the Andy Pafko collection...one from 1989 and one from nearly 50 years earlier.

This first Pafko is from the 1989 Pacific Legends II set.  Set I had cards 1-110 and set II had cards 111-220.  For new collectors that weren't collecting in the glory days of 1989, I would recommend either of these sets as you can find boxes for about $17-$20 and they have some great photos of older players.

1989 Pacific Baseball Legends #123 Andy Pafko
I've had been looking at for a while for this next card and finally pulled the trigger on an eBay auction.  This card was made somewhere between 1939-1946 by the Exhibit Supply Company and rather than in packs or with cigarettes these over sized cards were sold in vending machines for a penny.  This card has been labeled card #63 in the set although the cards themselves have no numbering and the reverse side is completely blank.  Pafko has two cards in the set, one with a visible Cubs logo and one without.  The card with the logo is worth about 25% more.

Andy Pafko 1939-46 Salutation Exhibit Card