Cards From The Box: Seven Packers

**In this series we delve deep into this box of cards, purchased for $2.99**

Inside the box I was pleased to find seven Packer cards, all of which I was missing.  But these weren't the Brett Favre or Sterling Sharpe cards you might have expected to find.  Instead we had four Gilbert Brown cards, two of Keith Jackson, and one Robert Brooks.  At first it might not make a lot of sense but with a little research you find Gilbert Brown was a Kansas alum and Keith Jackson attended Oklahoma and so the previous owner of this box may have been a Big 12 player collector.

1997 Upper Deck #499 Gilbert Brown
1993 Classic Four Sport Collection #148 Gilbert Brown
1993 Classic #60 Gilbert Brown
1998 Upper Deck #65 Gilbert Brown
1997 Topps Stadium Club #299 Keith Jackson
1996 Skybox Premium #65 Keith Jackson

1994 Fleer Ultra #390 Robert Brooks


Anonymous said…
Dude, gimme a +1 for correctly identifying Gil Haskell in the background of the Keith Jackson SkyBox card! Remember when the play continued out-of-bounds and the players ran into Haskell and he hit his head on the ground. That was a scary moment.