Cards From The Box: A Dolphin Bipping

This post begins yet another ongoing series for the blog and "Cards From The Box" is the semi-creep title that we're going with.  "The Box" in question is the one pictured below...I recently purchased two of these boxes stocked full with random cards that were clearly some one's collection from about 1997.  Both of these boxes were $2.99 and  they were actually a part of a 2 for 1 sale so in total both boxes cost me $2.99

The contents inside were a card blogger's dream as you will shortly see.  As we go along, we'll also make note of who this person (who I will be calling Collector X) collected and try to get a complete picture of who this collect was. 

Long before Bipping was invented, Collector X was collecting multiple copies of the same card again and again.  He was only missing the part where you mail the Bipping to an unsuspecting innocent.

Here we have 10 copies of Pete Stoyanovich's 1990 Pro Set card. 

Yes, that's right, 10 glorious copies. 

It might just have been that this is one of the happiest looking football cards ever...or maybe the fact that Pete eventually became the kicker for the Chiefs from 1996-2000 would explain his interest in Pete and why these cards are in the Kansas City area.

Keep your eyes out for more Cards From The Box!


Dawgbones said…
Should have named this one "Bips from the Box!!" - interesting...