A $10 Tin of Cards

Here is my latest Heartbreaking Break video...this time we have a $10 tin of cards from Shopko with some unexpected things inside:

Here are some scans of some notable cards inside:
1993 Sporting News #23 Bob Feller

1992 Whitehall Collection Cy Young Hologram
1987 Donruss Highlights #20 Billy Williams

This card fits in great with my impromptu Larry Doby tribute this week...

2005 Fleer Showcase #111 Larry Doby

1998 Pacific Aurora # Matt Williams

And now onto the coins...I think I called them "caps" in the video.  There are 60 coins in the 1990 set and the tin actually did give me a complete set...and here it is in all its glory:

And a few more scans for good measure:


And so there you have it...I have a feeling that all of these repackages will have a coin set and probably that same 1990 Upper Deck High Series set that I gave away a little while ago.  I consider it worth the $10 because I didn't have the coin set and the above average commons included. 


Paul Hadsall said…
I do have the coin set... and I'm pretty sure I spent more than $10 in 1990 money to build it. I'd say you got a good deal. :)