Will 2011 Topps Chrome Have All New Images?

Topps posted several photos of the upcoming 2011 Topps Chrome set and the photos are exciting because it doesn't see that this year's Chrome will just be re-prints of the base set.

We begin this is great looking Jason Heyward.  I like the placement of the logo in the upper right.

Topps didn't post any additional information about the set in the post so I'm not sure if this is an insert card or what the base set would look like exactly.

Now let's move onto the Joe Mauer Chrome card that Topps posted today:

It's the same design as the 2011 base but with a different photo.  Here is Joe's card from the flagship set:

I'm excited to see different photos for the Chrome and please, please, please don't let them bend this year.


thosebackpages said…
i wonder if the Heyward is an insert to celebrate 15 years of Topps Chrome