Topps Packers Super Bowl XLV Set Checklist

When Topps announced that they would be putting out a special set for the Super Bowl winning Packers I balked at their shipping expenses.  I was able to find the set on eBay for $9.99 shipped and will highlight the cards individually in another post.  In this one I'll just highlight the checklist which includes some of the first cards for John Kuhn and James Starks.

SBXLV-1 Aaron Rodgers
SBXLV-2 Greg Jennings
SBXLV-3 James Jones
SBXLV-4 Donald Driver
SBXLV-5 Jordy Nelson
SBXLV-6 James Starks
SBXLV-7 Brandon Jackson
SBXLV-8 John Kuhn
SBXLV-9 Andrew Quarless
SBXLV-10 Jermichael Finley
SBXLV-11 Charles Woodson
SBXLV-12 Clay Matthews
SBXLV-13 A.J. Hawk
SBXLV-14 B.J. Raji
SBXLV-15 Nick Collins
SBXLV-16 Tramon Williams
SBXLV-17 Desmond Bishop
SBXLV-18 Sam Shields
SBXLV-19 Chad Clifton
SBXLV-20 Green Bay Packers [Aaron Rodgers & Greg Jennings Pictured]
SBXLV-21 Wild Card Weekend [Tramon Williams Pictured]
SBXLV-22 Divisional Playoffs [Aaron Rodgers Pictured]
SBXLV-23 NFC Championship Game [Aaron Rodgers Pictured]
SBXLV-24 NFC Championship Game [B.J. Raji Pictured]
SBXLV-25 Super Bowl XLV [Aaron Rodgers & Jordy Nelson Pictured]
SBXLV-26 Super Bowl XLV [Nick Collins Pictured]
SBXLV-27 Super Bowl XLV [Aaron Rodgers & Clay Matthews Pictured]


Fuji said…
It was nice to finally pick up a card of Kuuuuhhhhhnnnnn!