This Week In Politics

**In this series we highlight some of my latest additions to my political card collection.**

I guess I should mention that my definition of political cards is a little beyond just cards of politicians.  I throw about "political cards" as anything non-sports related which means this week we're talking poets, satellites, and generals.  

There's maybe only one better Whitman beard photo and so this card scores some major points with the way, anyone have any 2011 Obak news? 

2010 Tristar Obak #40 Walt Whitman Mini

One national hero closer to completion.  I'm down to South Korea, Guatemala, Ukraine, and Switzerland

2009 Topps Allen & Ginter #NH3 Toussaint L'Ouverture National Heroes Mini

Some of last year's Heritage inserts honoring events from 1961. 

Some 2010 Topps Heritage inserts

Last but not least, two from my Distinguished Service needs list

James Doolittle let the raid on Tokyo following Pearl Harbor.  He was played by Alec Baldwin in Pearl Harbor and Spencer Tracy in Thirty Seconds Over Tokyo.

2007 Topps #DS16 James Doolittle Distinguished Service
Besides leading the Allied Forces during the Battle of the Bulge, Omar was the last five-star general

2007 Topps #DS18 Omar Bradley Distinguished Service