Show and Tell #93: Um, Yeah

Um, a little while ago I sent The Lost Collector some Yankees and some Tino Martinez relics.  I wasn't too concerned about getting much back in return because while I appreciate Tino he's not one of my all-time favorites and the cards were just sitting in a box unloved.

But in return I was left speechless when I unexpectedly received this:

Not only is it the first Diamond King ever [card #1 from the 1982 Donruss set] and probably my favorite Diamond King overall, it is also signed by Charlie Hustle himself.  Along with the card was a little note from the Lost Collector explaining that he received the card in a TTM request a few years ago.  Thanks so much A.J. as this will certainly be a highlight in my collection.

Along with the Diamond King he also took one of the higher priced cards off my Distinguished Service needs list.  Plus, as a Joe DiMaggio card it must have hurt a little to give up.
2007 Topps #DS-21 Joe DiMaggio Distinguished Service
Thanks again A.J.!


Glad you enjoyed the Rose! Thanks again for the Tino relics!
Matt Flaten said…
No problem. Thanks for the trade.