Show and Tell #92: Three From Kevin

Thanks to Kevin from Washington sending me three cards off my Needs List.  We begin with the Hall of Famer with probably the most misspelled name.  Whenever I write about him I always have to go back and double check what I've typed.  It doesn't help that I'm "Matthew" either.

2005 Upper Deck Wingfield Collection #DI-1 Eddie Mathews
As if being a Hall of Fame pitcher wasn't enough, Hoyt was also decorated with the Purple Heart during the the Battle of the Bulge.

2007 Topps #DS-15 Hoyt Wilhelm Distinguished Service
Now I've looked at this next card probably 25 times before...

2007 Topps #DS-28 George Bush Distinguished Service
I have another copy of it in my political card collection but it was only when I pulled it out of the bubble mailer that I finally saw what I had been missing all along.  George W. Bush was clearly the model for Tintin!

You be the judge!