The Rookie Card Series: Bob Welch Edition

**In this series we do rookie cards and nothing else.**

Bob spent his first ten seasons with the Dodgers before being traded to the A's during the off season after the 1987 season.  Shortly thereafter, Bob exploded into rarely scene greatness culminating in Bob's 1990 season in which he won the Cy Young Award.  Welch went 27-6 that year, winning over 81% of his 35 starts.  That is the most wins recorded since Denny McLain broke the 30 win mark in 1968 and no pitcher has approached that 27 win mark since.  Bob's remaining four seasons with the A's wouldn't approach the greatness of that Cy Young season.
1979 Topps #318 Bob Welch [RC]


night owl said…
Best rookie card of all-time.
Matt Flaten said…
That's some bold talk!