Oh Yeah, That's Right, The Packers DID Win The Super Bowl

I'm at home in Wisconsin this weekend and it's always nice to be reminded about every 500 feet that the Packers won the Super Bowl.  In all the whining that is being done about the NFL strike and the possibility of a shortened or cancelled season, I've noticed one complaint doesn't seem to be expressed quite loud enough!  Where are all those Packer fans screaming to "get a deal done" so that Lombardi trophy can stay in Green Bay!  I might be too biased to really state this with certainty but the Packers have to have the best shot of any recent Super Bowl champ to repeat since the Pats did it on '04 and '05.  We're getting Jermichael Finely and Ryan Grant back and healthy and have not had any major personnel loss since the Super Bowl...yet all that might be for not if the season goes down in flames or we get some games with replacement scrubs.  Just get the deal done already.


Johngy said…
Not a fan of those hats.
By the way, I borrowed your "Everybody's Got a Record" concept again, while giving you props of course.
Matt Flaten said…
No problem...I haven't done one of those myself in a week or two...got to get some scanning done!