New, Shiny, and Square

Some of these are from card shows, some are from Thorzul, some are from COMC... but all are new to me.  You can also see through these cards how Topps has modified the X-Fractor design through the years. You can't really tell by the scans but the two years that really stand out as being extra shinny are the 2006 Topps Chrome and 2009 Bowman Chrome...

2003 Bowman Chrome #152 John Olerud X-Fractor

2010 Topps Chrome #49 Yunel Escobar X-Fractor

2010 Topps Chrome #50 Joe Mauer X-Fractor

2008 Topps Chrome #154 Brian Bannister X-Fractor

2008 Topps Chrome #105 Travis Hafner X-Fractor
2008 Topps Chrome #192 Jeff Niemann X-Fractor

2008 Topps Chrome #126 Rocco Baldelli X-Fractor

2009 Bowman Chrome #151 Howie Kendrick X-Fractor 235/250
2003 Bowman Chrome #33 Magglio Ordonez X-Fractor

2006 Topps Chrome #172 Moises Alou X-Fractor