Genius Covers: The Trial Of Thor #1

As we move closer to the Thor movie's May 6th opening this blog is going to become Thor Central. I'm not a very nationalistic person when it comes to my heritage but I do get fired up anytime we're talking Norwegian mythology! The movie looks awesome and Upper Deck has put out a Thor trading cards set [needs list to come]. And how great is it that I can walk into a Target or Walmart and buy a replica of the Mjollnir! [If you don't know what that is, for shame!...that will be covered in a future post as well].

Today we start with a Genius Cover of a one-shot Thor comic from August 2009. The is The Trail of Thor which has an enemy called The Frost Giants trying to turn Asgard against Thor. They get a dwarf that resembles Thor to go around and destroy some villages and kill some people in Asgard. The real Thor ends up getting arrested. How do you arrest a god exactly? Very carefully, I guess. Things get sorted out, of course, and Thor and Dwarf Thor do battle to the death.

The story is alright but I love the painted cover the most.

And stay tuned for a whole lot more Thor posts in the near future!


flywheels said…
Have you checked out Upper Deck's Thor movie cards? They aren't half bad. Apparently each pack comes with a cool "concept sketch" card.

Look for a pack preview on my blog soon.
Matt Flaten said…
Yep, I've ripped a few packs and will be posting the results soon too.