As a Royals fan I've received more than my fair share of Kila Ka'aihue cards through trades and I never really had much faith that they would end up being worth much of anything.  But my day might actually have arrived as Kila hit a walk off home run on Friday against the Angels and his sales on eBay are up, up, up.

2009 Upper Deck Goudey #GG-KK Kila Ka'aihue Autograph


Community Gum said…
That's one of the few Kila autos I don't have yet! I hope they don't jump out of my price range (that is to say, more than $5 shipped)! -Andy
Eric L said…
Surprisingly, I've received only a couple Kilas in trades. I was lucky enough to watch him play in Omaha the past two seasons, so I am really glad he's doing well in KC.
The Goudey autos that I've seen are some of my favorites. Great card.