Don't Wear Green on Thursdays

"Dont' wear green on Thursdays."

Was that something that was in anyone else's middle school or was it just the geniuses of DeLong Middle School in Eau Claire, WI?  You didn't want to wear green on Thursdays because if you did it meant you were "horny."  As if we had any clue what exactly that meant in 6th and 7th grade.  But we did all know it was something we didn't want to be!  Mind you this can easily cause problems for any absent minded Packer fan who wore pretty much the same few green Packer shirts everyday for a few years. 

#58 1969 World Series Champions [Windsor Green Border]
#23 Roy Campanella [Windsor Green Border]

#59 Bobby Doerr [Windsor Green Border]

#81 Chris Chambliss [Windsor Green Border]

#52 Johan Santana [Windsor Green Border]

#7 Don Larsen [Windsor Green Border]

Plus a black-bordered Jack Morris for good measure:

#103 Jack Morris [Black Border]


Cheri said…
I went to elementary and middle school in South Central Pennsylvania. We also had the same thing regarding green on Thursdays. I am so glad to see that we were not the only ones who had this going around the school!