The Cards Are Nice But It's All About The Box

Wrestler Mick Foley is selling some of his baseball and basketball collection for a charity called RAINN...and so if you can bid go for it...although the $4.00 shipping for a single card is like getting slammed from the top rope.

The real neat thing beyond the cards is the awesome box that the cards are in!  Someone needs to get on this and start making these again...or if they are still being made, can someone direct me to where they are?


Wrigley Wax said…
Wow!!! I had that exact same box. I think I got mine around 1973 or 1974. I had to do a little surgery on it in 1977 when the Mariners and Blue Jays came around. But it served me well for many years. Thanks for the trip down memory lane.
gcrl said…
awesome. i had a couple of those boxes back in 79. good times.