2009 Upper Deck Goudey Blaster Results

I recently purchased a Goodwin Champions blaster and pulled the standard single short-print...this latest discount blaster was from 2009 Upper Deck Goudey and was pretty much the exact opposite.  I didn't get any relics but it was full of five short prints and a bunch of inserts.

One Green Bordered Sport Royalty Mini

#246 Guy Lafleur Green Border Mini

One Sport Royalty Short Print

#223 Tony Gwynn SP
One Big Head Short Print
#262 Reggie Jackson Big Head SP

One Standard Short Print

#217 Ozzie Smith SP

One Short Printed Mini

#210 Phil Niekro Mini SP

One Regular Mini

#95 Cory Wade Mini

One Upper Deck 20th Anniversary card:

#906 Vladimir Guerrero Debut

Red-Bordered 4-in-1:

Notable Rookies:

#194 Travis Snider, #183 David Price

Interesting Base Cards:

Even two years later I still love this card.  

#139 Jason Giabmi
Ken as a Mariner:

#46 Ken Griffey Jr.
Not too bad...I spied a Upper Deck Masterpieces blast at Walmart today...$11.98 on clearance...if it's there on my next visit that will be my next blaster for sure.


That Gwynn looks great! The color scheme works perfectly. I miss UD (sigh).