19 Games Is Pretty Damn Good or The Top 5 Alex Gordon Base Cards

Alex Gordon's hitting streak came to an end yesterday at 19 games.  I think that's pretty darn impressive and it was enough to get some Gordon prospectors to get more than a little excited about the possibilities that this might be the real Alex Gordon finally arriving.  Like my Brandon Morrow post last year, it might be now or never to whip those Gordon cards out and show what you've got...


I really enjoy the purple background and really busy design.  I also like the "Professional Baseball Club" banner...if you don't follow American soccer then you might not know that the Kansas City Wizards became something called Sporting Kansas City this season to much sarcastic ridicule...

2009 Upper Deck SP Legendary Cuts #74 Alex Gordon


I've been working on the 2006 Bowman Heritage set for about three years now and it's still one of my favorites.  I really enjoy the pop art style colors used even though the original set was way before pop-art.

2006 Bowman Heritage #BHP6 Alex Gordon 


This one get a major boost for being one of the few horizontal Allen and Ginter cards.

2007 Topps Allen and  Ginter #204 Alex Gordon [RC]


Take any great card and add "O-Pee-Chee" to it and you've make it something special.  Although the color choice for the name lettering is a little weird on this card.

2008 Uppder Deck #OPC-AG Alex Gordon

This would make a great "regular" card but make it a painting and you've got something special.

2007 Upper Deck Masterpieces #65 Alex Gordon [RC]

It's not a base card but it's my favorite Alex Gordon card for obvious reasons...This card is selling for about $16.00 but there are some sellers that are asking crazy prices from Alex's autographed cards.

2006 Bowman Heritage #SG-AG Alex Gordon Autograph


Community Gum said…
I'm glad I grabbed that Heritage auto a couple months ago for $7. I love how all his autos are hitting the bay in droves right now... actually can help keep prices manageable! -Andy