What Will Be This Year's Revolving Door?

I didn't collect last year's Allen and Ginter set and so I only recently realized the existence of this great card:

2010 Topps Allen & Ginter #286 Revolving Door Mini
And so what will be this year's Revolving Door Card?  We have about four months to figure it out.  2011 is the 50th anniversary of the introduction of Ken of Ken & Barbie so there might be a chance they honor Ken and his missing parts.  Leave your best guesses as a comment to this post and I'll create some of them as hypothetical cards.


Napkin Doon said…
How about these:

1) Sliced Bread
2) penicillin
3) television
4) slinky- I would love to see a classic toys subset someday

Enjoy the blog!
night owl said…
I totally screwed up when I named the revolving door only the 4th best card of 2010. It's obviously the best.

If we're staying with the 50th anniversary them, I say Topps, in honor of the 50th anniversary of "West Side Story," unveils an insert set of minis, one of sharks and one of jets.

Oh, wait, they did one of those already ...

How about a card of Natalie Wood then?
mike said…
Good call on the Natalie Wood card...
I have a couple from 30-year anniversaries and one 25-year anniversary possibility.

30: Walter Cronkite retires; MTV launches; the 33-inning game between Rochester (Cal Ripken) and Pawtucket

25: Challenger explosion (Christa McCauliffe)