Vic Power Card Of The Week: 1959 Topps

**In this series, we strive to collect a master set of all of Vic Power's cards.**

The back of this card highlights the 22-game hitting streak that Vic had during the 1958 season. It is still one of the Indian's longest streaks but falls behind Sandy Alomar Jr's 30-game hitting streak from 1997 for the team record.

Here's the front of the card...I would probably rank this one in the top 5 of my favorite Vic cards.

1959 Topps #229 Vic Power


During Vic Power's first two professional seasons, in the French-Canadian town of Drummondville, Quebec, Power went by his birth name, Victor Pellot. However, Pellot noticed that the mostly French-speaking crowd began to laugh whenever his name was announced. Initially, Pellot surmised that the crowd was laughing because he was black. This turned out to be incorrect, and Pellot soon learned that the real source of the laughter was not his race, but his last name: the similar-sounding word plotte is slang for "vagina" in the Quebec French. In response, he played under the name of "Vic Power."