Tonight's Episode: The Plot Thickens or An Adventure In Baseball Card Ethics

For the background of this post please read the "Sometimes You Get Sent Ted Williams and Babe Ruth Cards In The Mail By Accident" post from a few days ago.

It had been my theory thus far that the eBay seller that sent me these "bonus" cards out of the clear blue sky had just mixed up my order with another one. Consequently, that other buyer who had ordered the cards would be receiving my '59 Topps card and when that happened the situation would work itself out.

Low and behold, I also received the Vic Power card I purchased in the mail this week. And so I'm left with the moral dilemma of returning the cards that the seller may not even know are gone.

Ethics, it's what separates us from the animals.

1959 Topps #229 Vic Power


Captain Canuck said…
ethics? I thought it was opposable thumbs?
Funner Here said…
Maybe inform the guy, but then say hey, since you don't really miss the cards, can I keep them?