This Week In Politics

**In this series we highlight some of my latest additions to my political card collection.**

These first two cards were a part of a trade I did with Justin of the Justin's World.  I sent him my Ronald Reagan First Pitch card and he sent me an Obama and Nixon.  Not a bad deal I would say. 

2011 Topps Opening Day #PFP-5 Barack Obama First Pitch

2011 Topps Opening Day #PFP-10 Richard Nixon First Pitch

Justin also took a Campaign match-up off my needs list which puts me at missing only one of FDR's elections. 

2008 Topps #HCM-1940 FDR/Wendell Willkie Match-up

Thanks again Justin!


Justin McLeod said…
There's a "Repeal Obama?" ad right next to the Obama card. Funny. Thanks for the trade! The Ronnie's are great additions to my collection.