Ted Simmons

There was a great article/column in the Seattle Times a few days ago about Mariners Senior Advisor and baseball great Ted Simmons. Ted has had a long playing career [20 seasons] and a career nearly as long as a general manager or executive for a whole host of teams.  Through all that Ted has yet to be apart of a championship team.  And to be honest, I hope he isn't really expecting that championship with the Mariners anytime soon.

1977 Topps Cloth Stickers #43 Ted Simmons

And now for some 3-D Ted:

1979 Kellogg's 3-D Super Stars #2 Ted Simmons
Of course my being a fan of Ted Simmons all relates to his time with the Brewers and Harvey's Wallbangers

1985 Topps #318 Ted Simmons
It might just be my imagination or does the '73 set have more of these catchers squatting cards than the average set. 
1973 Topps #85 Ted Simmons
 Before there was Tim Lincecum, there was Ted Simmons.  
1975 Topps #75 Ted Simmons


Johngy said…
Why is he not in the HOF?