Show and Tell #90: 18 Minis from 26 Cent Summer

I recently sent a ton of my 2011 Topps doubles over to my "brother in Kansas baseball card blogging", 26 Cent Summer. In return, I received some cars of my 2011 Topps Mini and Vintage Reprints needs lists.

#CMGR-21 Lou Gehrig 1933 DeLong

#CMGR-10 Honus Wagner 1909 T206

#KC-24 Josh Johnson Mini

#KC-13 Ty Cobb

What I was most excited about was a whole bunch of Allen & Ginter minis including a bunch of insert minis:

Thanks again Matt for the trade!


mike said…
I know that the Honus card is one of the more reproduced cards, but I still double take every time I see one. I can just imagine if one of those were found in a stack of old envelopes at grandma's house. Like a season-ending episode of American Pickers or some show like that. "The Holy Grail of Picking..."!