Show and Tell #89: Down To Two

With these Diamond Kings [plus a whole bunch more that were included in the trade] received part of my most recent trade with reader Mike D. I'm down to just two Diamond Kings to complete my 1982-1992 Diamond King sets. They are:

1984 Donruss Diamond King #18 Ron Kittle
1984 Donruss Diamond King #22 Eddie Murray

So if you've got either of these let me know and I can make it worth your while.

I stopped at 1992 for no real reason other than that was when I stopped collecting cards the first time and that was the last set that included the Diamond King puzzles. But now that I'm close to the end I think I will add the remaining few Diamond King sets that I didn't include earlier.

Here are some of Diamond Kings included in this trade:

1984 Donruss #1 Robin Yount Diamond King

1984 Donruss #26 Wade Boggs Diamond King

Mike's hair reminds me of an echidna on this card.

1984 Donruss #23 Mike Schmidt Diamond King

1992 Donruss #DK-19 Brett Butler Diamond King

I had forgotten that Harold had played with the A's. He played two plus season for them and was an All-Star during the 1991 season.

1992 Donruss #DK-14 Harold Baines Diamond King

1992 Donruss #DK-21 Scott Erickson Diamond King

Thanks again Mike!