Show and Tell #88: I Just Flew In From Seattle And Boy Are My Arms Tired

Reader Mike D. sent along these Seattle Pilots recently and although they aren't the most exciting cards to look at they have made a big dent in my Seattle Pilots 1970 team set.

#473 Don Bryant

#359 Phil Roof

#185 Don Mincher

#393 John Gelnar

#53 John Kennedy

These cards give me too full pages of Pilots and now I'm just missing the high numbers.


Mariner1 said…
Fun fact about Phil Roof, he was the pitching coach in the 80's. I might have a couple extra '69 Pilots if you are interested.
Mariner1 said…
I was wrong. Phil was the bullpen coach for the Mariners from 83-88. Don Bryant was also a coach witht the M's from 77-80. Amazing how some of the Pilots guys came back to be part of the Mariners.
Scott Crawford said…
Nice, Matt. I'm still missing the Rookies card, along with #566 Dave Bristol, #574 Bobby Bolin and #688 Ted Kubiak. Got super-lucky on a '70 Pilots lot last year and got the team card in nice shape as a part of it.

Mariner1: I'll take whatever Matt doesn't need (he's got first dibs, this being his joint) on the '69 Pilots, if that "whatever" includes #233 Steve Barber, #254 Joe Schultz, #301 Darrell Brandon and/or #394 Pilots Rookies (Piniella/Staehle). if you wanna talk about it.