Quite Possibly The Worst Heritage Pack Ever

**Beware Dear Reader as you are about to cross paths with the frightening but all too common Pack From Hell.**
There is something that is more disappointing with bad packs of Heritage as opposed to Allen & Ginter and I think it has everything to do with the mini. No matter how many doubles of Hubertus Wawra you pull you at least have that mini to make things all better. Heritage doesn't have that and plus they don't even have gum anymore. When the highlight of the pack is Jered Weaver you know where the pack is from.

#26 Josh Thole

#341 Lorenzo Cain

#302 Ramon Hernandez

#420 Miguel Montero

#279 Bengie Molina

#96 Jered Weaver

#112 Luke Scott

#151 Arthur Rhodes

#407 Wade Davis


Napkin Doon said…
Yep that was brutal...
Anonymous said…
Well, you have a birther (Scott), an honest to goodness future star (Thole), an honest to goodness ace (Weaver, no really), a promising pitcher that could win 15 (Davis), a decent young catcher (Montero), a Molina, a player whose rookie card was a 1991 UD final edition (Rhodes), a player I thought was out of the league who is still pretty decnet (Hernandez), and a player who is good enough to be traded for Zack Greinke (Cain, who had an OPS+ of 107 at Milwaukee last year - who knew?)

It's not a bad pack, really! It'd be a sleeper #12 seed ready to pounce on a #5 and #4 that gets lazy.

I can imagine a kid pulling a pack of, say, 1976 Topps with: Kirkwood, Oates, Dettore, Meoli, Nyman, Freisleben, Veryzer, Fahey, Hinton and Decker.
night owl said…
It's a hell of a lot better than if you pulled those players in a pack of 2010 Heritage. This set looks so much better. The Hernandez card is cool.
The Big Kahuna said…
So tell me....what's wrong with Josh Thole? I'll tell you what....Josh is the few bright spots for the mets and everybody else in the pack stinks! Nah....however I do understand the point your making. Packs like this make me want to burn them.
Justin McLeod said…
That pack was loaded with catchers... and not one of them is wearing a chest protector, mask, shin pads, or any of the other catcher's equipment. That seems so very wrong.
I just bought a blaster that was your pack x 8. Disappointing.