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I think it's pretty safe to say that a total of zero packs have been purchased from this box since 2007 at the $5.99 per pack price.


But Upper Deck is out of baseball.Doesn't that make them rare and valuable! Our Target store has some of those for $1.59. It's amazing what you see some places.We went to a Volunteers of America thrift store last weekend. They had a small box of cards sitting on a shelf behind a counter.Maybe 150 cards. I asked to see them, all late 80's-early 90's commons.I would a given them a couple bucks or so,then the girl showed the price on the side of the box. $14.95 !!!
flywheels said…
Where did you take that picture?
Matt F. said…
That is from a store called Vintage Stock in Topeka that sells comics/cards/used movies/used games.

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