Genius Covers: The Fantastic Four #155

Issue #155 of the Fantastic Four from February 1975 is the 20th appearance of my all-time favorite, The Silver Surfer. This time around the Surfer is pissed at The FF and do battle until, as always, Dr. Doom shows up.

The best ad by far from this issue is for a correspondence school on electronics. The last line says it all "it's the science of the seventies man." Love that mustache.


sg488 said…
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The Big Kahuna said…
I was kind of bummed that they killed off the human torch now!
flywheels said…
The Torch ain't dead. He'll be back after 12 issues of the new FF (which I'm looking forward to reading...)

Are you reading the new Silver Surfer mini?
The Big Kahuna said…
Yeah...he'll come back from a parallel division of some universe in which Mr. Fantastic took a dump and that dump traveled in time and created another dump which spawned a parallel of the cosmic rads which light up the wrong parallel universe thus causing the human torch to be born in a turd which traveled back into time to stop the krull from peeing on the trees.......or something like that.

Haven't touched the mini!
Matt Flaten said…

I haven't been been reading it. I've been out of comics for quite some time and I've only read a couple of recent graphic novels. I'm all about the back issues.