From Captain To Cut To Contract In 24 Hours

2009 Upper Deck Football Heroes #48 AJ Hawk Jersey Relic

As I was checking the news on my phone yesterday I noticed a small story headline saying that the Packers had cut fan favorite A.J. Hawk. At the moment I didn't have time to read the whole article but I was more than surprised. How could they cut a team captain? By the end of the work day I had forgotten about the story but was pleasantly surprised to read this afternoon that the Packers had now resigned A.J. to a five-year deal and that they hadn't really cut to begin with. He went from team captain, to being cut, to having a new contract in 24 hours.


cynicalbuddha said…
I was elated when I heard the good news. I only hope we have a season next year. 5 more years of HAWK!!!!!!!!