Ever Watched Dave Kingman Play Baseball While On Drugs?

Have you ever watched Dave Kingman play baseball while tripping on acid? If the answer is yes...well, gosh...that's must have been an experience...........If the answer is no, you can thank the good people at Topps for giving you the same experience.

1974 Topps #610 Dave Kingman

And check out those people watching that mighty swing...I think you start seeing faces like this around the 5th Circle of Hell.


(...Joe) said…
Holy crap that's awesome!!!
The Big Kahuna said…
That's just plain freaky. Probably the guy designing the cards was on LSD.
night owl said…
The Garvey card from that set is the same deal. But of course the faces look a lot more evil on a Giants card.
You think that's good, look at Jim Palmer's card from the same set. The scoreboard appears to be melting behind him.

They must have had some really potent stuff then.
Johngy said…
I love those cards and all posts about them.
Steve Gierman said…
I think I have a contact high. LOL
Zafran ali said…
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