2009 Goodwin Blaster Results

They had a discount blaster of '09 Upper Deck Goodwin Champions at Wal-Mart and here are the results...

1 Short Print:

#160 Mike Parsons

1 Upper Deck 20th Anniversary:

#2018 Washington Nationals Come To D.C.

A whole lot of base bards...too many of which have nothing to do with baseball.

And now to the minis which is the reason we are here anyway...not a bad collection I think and I imagine that kick ass Ryno mustache is destined to be trade payback to the many Cubs collectors I end up trading with.


Spankee said…
very nice. I just picked up one myself. Not bad with the discount.
flywheels said…
The local Wally World stores in my area went a long time w/ little to no discounted blasters and now all of the sudden I've seen plenty of Goodwin Champions and other Upper Deck boxes.