Vic Power Card Of The Week: 1960 Topps

**In this new series, we strive to collect a master set of all of Vic Power's cards. I will try to do this once a week but life may get in the way. **

Last week's Vic Power card was from the 1960 Leaf set and this week we will stay in the same year but jump over to Topps. If you follow some card bloggers on Twitter, this card will certainly be familiar to you as it is the logo for "Twitchwashere" a.k.a. lonestarr from the Behind These Hazel Eyes blog..he's cracked 13,000 tweets so it's pretty hard to have missed him.

1960 Topps #75 Vic Power

In the 1959 season Vic led the league by being caught stealing 13 times which is more than double the amount in any of his years in baseball.