February 3, 2011

The Top 5 Cards From Tonight's Rack Pack

Here are the Top 5 cards from tonight's blaster from Walmart...


2011 Topps #210 Brian Wilson

If you didn't see Brian's appearance on George Lopez the other night here it is...it really is a great piece of performance art.


2011 Topps #60YOTLC-10 Stan Musial '57 Topps Lost Card

Here is my first card from the Lost Card insert set...the reverse side tells me that Stan wasn't on any Topps cards until 1958 after being in the league 17 years.


2011 Topps #200 Ichiro

Just another great horizontal Ichiro base card.


2011 Topps #304 Jim Thome/Checklist #4 of 5

Thome as a Twin, yes! As I was opening the packs from my blaster and this rack pack I realized that I hadn't pulled any checklists and realized they were actually worked into the set.


2011 Topps #10 Stephen Strasburg Diamond Vision

I seriously wonder what this card would be worth pre-Tommy John surgery. Or winning Rookie of the Year. It's beautiful nonetheless and I'm calling these cards "Diamond Vison" from now on.
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