This Is What Happens When Thom Yorke Gets 1 OF 1 MOJO

This video begs the question, are Radiohead trying to make it difficult for us to admit we are Radiohead fans?

And as if you forgot Radiohead have almost a perfect record on videos...they are responsible for the greatest video ever and another in which Thom nearly drowned himself for art.


Anonymous said…
Nah - the greatest video ever was Girls On Film by Duran Duran. Or any other video I saw on MTV back in 1982 / 1983. Especially the ones with chix.

Actually, I had a chubby for any Pretenders video - especially Tattooed Love Boys.
The Big Kahuna said…
Yes I have to agree.....the uncensored version of "Girls on Film" by Duran Duran showed breasts, girls in whip cream and more breasts!
Dan said…
I think the greatest Radiohead video is "Just". Am I the only one?