School's Out For Winter

The Packers had their victory parade/celebration yesterday and, as if there was any doubt, school was cancelled for it:

"Thousands of fans surged into the city's downtown streets Sunday as green-and-gold fireworks exploded overhead. On Monday, fans packed city sidewalks to cheer on the team's returning motorcade.

Schools let out early and people skipped work so they could see the team as it traveled from Austin Straubel International Airport to Lambeau Field along a route that included Lombardi Avenue, named in honor of the legendary Packers coach Vince Lombardi.

Some fans milled around the stadium's atrium and lined up for tours of the stadium, while others just stood in the parking lot and screamed in jubilation."

It's days like today where I am thankful I grew up a Packer fan. I lived in Western Wisconsin about 90 minutes from Minneapolis and I could have so easily been a Vikings fan. At some point in the 90's I did choose the Twins over the Brewers but I attribute that to Kirby Puckett and his two World Series championships.

And during those formative teen years I would say the Vikings were the stronger team than the pre-Favre Packers. Hershel Walker, Chris Carter, Chris Doleman. For whatever reason I stayed with the Packers and now I've been lucky enough to have seen two Packers Super Bowl championships while the Vikings recover from the post-Favre era.


Kev said…
and as a Jet fan, i have ZERO super bowl appearences in my lifetime...
Funner Here said…
If memory serves correct, I think Philly schools closed for the World Series parade. That was pretty awesome.