Last night I went to the Lady Jawhawks game against the hated Missouri Tigers. Earlier in the day, Allen Fieldhouse had been sold out for the Jayhawks demolishing Colorado. Four hours later, a 3/5 full Fieldhouse got a much more entertaining game as the teams went into overtime with the Jayhawks eventually winning by five [75-70]. Missouri had even taken the lead by two with about 20 seconds left but then everything seemed to fall apart for them.

As Kansas star Carolyn Davis iced the game with several free throws with only a few seconds left, Homer Simpson suddenly appeared on the scoreboard and a silence fell over the crowd. Here is what they showed:

I was a little surprised as KU has semi-recently gone through a campaign to improve "sportsmanship," especially at football games...It was hilarious nonetheless and with a little digging today I found a clip of nearly all the Missouri references from the Simpsons...enjoy.


Anonymous said…
As hated as the Jayhawks are (MIZ!), I had to chuckle at Grandpa Simpson.