The Last Trade

With the new Topps/Cray Supercomputer Transmogrifier up and spewing out cards and rings I thought I would make some last trades in the 1000000 Giveaway. One of the more popular cards for trade offers was my 1969 Joe Foy card and as luck would have it today I had an interesting offer...for the Foy I was offered another '69 Topps plus a Joe Morgan turn-back-the-clock card from 1983. What made me pull the trigger on this trade was that the player on the other card, Vern Fuller, was born in Menomonie, WI which is about 15 miles from my home town of Eau Claire...thank you Wikipedia and your two sentence article on Vern!


LoCoDe said…
I wonder if Mr. Fuller sold brushes after his career. Seems like a job with his name all over it.
dayf said…
I'm making one last ditch effort to snag one of the three cards I need for my '79 set before packing it in.