Happiness Is A Warm Card Show

It's the first card show of the year...If you are in North Eastern Kansas don't miss it...

Topeka/Lawrence Area

February 18th-20th
Westridge Mall in Topeka
10-9pm Friday & Saturday
12-6pm Sunday


Matt said…
Thanks for the info. Was in Topeka when I got this over my RSS feed.
Matt Flaten said…
Glad it worked out! Fewer tables than normal I think but they had some pretty good deals.
Matt said…
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Matt said…
There were some good deals at the show. I was also surprised at the few tables there. I had some good conversation though with a number of dealers. I didn't pull the trigger on anything. We are trying to save a little money for our spring training trip to Arizona.
Matt Flaten said…
There's another one next week over in Olathe. Here's the details:

Olathe/Kansas City Area
February 26th-27th
Hampton Inn in Olathe
9-5pm Saturday
10-4pm Sunday