Free The Finest: Chuck Finley Edition

Between 1995 and 1999, the cruel fiends at Topps locked each Finest card behind a stifling prison of plastic. It is my duty, along with all other sworn members of the "Free The Finest Society", to work tirelessly to rid the world of those dreaded words, "Peel and Remove Protective Coating."

Chuck is pretty underrated I think...he has 200 wins and over 2600 strikeouts...yet some of his cards are covered in a horrible plastic film...

1999 Topps Finest #58 Chuck Finley

It seems that the least I can do is free his finest:

And speaking of "finest," in case you forgot, Chuck used to be married to Tawny Kitaen.


Scott Crawford said…
Chuck's numbers line up very well with those of Andy Pettitte and Jack Morris, and are better in some ways. He'd get my HOF vote, no joke.
Matt Runyon said…
Poor Chuck. Didn't Tawny go nutso on him a couple of times?