Everybody's Got A Record: Jim Thome Edition

**In this series we strive to prove the universal truth that every baseball player holds some kind of record.**

This squished penny comes from the Field of Dreams card shop in the Mall of America...I show it only because my Jim Thome card is a relic from a White Sox jersey and I'm contractually obligated to offset any White Sox reference with a Twins reference...sorry Steve.

Jim had a pretty great 2010 season with the Twins hitting 25 home runs over 276 at bats. I really had no idea that his season was history making for the Twins. Jim averaged a home run every 11 at bats in 2010 which was a team record pushing him ahead of six different seasons in which Harmon Killebrew averaged 12 and under at bats per home run.

Here's the current all-time list for the Twins:

1. Jim Thome 11.0 2010
2. Harmon Killebrew 11.3 1969
3. Harmon Killebrew 11.4 1963
4. Harmon Killebrew 11.5 1962
5. Harmon Killebrew 11.8 1961
6. Harmon Killebrew 11.8 1964
7. Harmon Killebrew 12.4 1967

2007 Upper Deck Artifacts #MLB-JT Jim Thome Jersey Relic