Ernie, Jackie, Nolan, and Yuniesky

I was a little distracted yesterday and missed that it was Jackie Robinson, Ernie Banks, and Nolan Ryan's birthday. That's a murder's row of birthdays...and soon we can add another name to that great list: Yuniesky Betancourt was also born on January 31st!

2009 Topps Triple Threads #42 Jackie Robinson [0858/1350]

If you saw that Nolan Ryan face during the World Series, he really was a Teaxas Beefmaster.

1991 Pacific Ryan Express #104 Texas Beefmaster

2009 Upper Deck 20th Anniversary #1340 Ernie Banks

And here's Yuniesky's 2011 Topps card...get it while there might actually be a market for it.


Matt said…
I thought once we lost Yuni to the NL we wouldn't have to relive that period of Royals history anymore and then you bring this up........I think Yuniesky just has too many letters in his name to be included with those guys. Better wait till the HoF invite comes.