February 8, 2011

Clearance Footballers

When I was making my required stop at my favorite card shop, Three Star Sportscards, during my Christmas break I came upon these cards in a random box marked "50 cents each or 5/$2.00." My eyes got big when I saw some of the cards included, especially the Walter Payton card. They aren't in mint condition but still a pretty good deal I think.

When I checked out, I told the guy behind the counter they were in the box and I could tell that they probably shouldn't have been in the clearance box. There was sort of this awkward silence and then he rang up the cards. Victory!

1977 Topps #515 Bob Griese

1982 Topps #303 Walter Payton In Action

1982 Topps #521 Joe Thesimann

1980 Topps #312 Doug Williams

1995 Score #256 Kerry Collins Rookie [Red Version]

1982 Topps #249 Steve Largent

1980 Topps #35 Bob Griese

1978 Topps #120 Bob Griese

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