Clearance Footballers

When I was making my required stop at my favorite card shop, Three Star Sportscards, during my Christmas break I came upon these cards in a random box marked "50 cents each or 5/$2.00." My eyes got big when I saw some of the cards included, especially the Walter Payton card. They aren't in mint condition but still a pretty good deal I think.

When I checked out, I told the guy behind the counter they were in the box and I could tell that they probably shouldn't have been in the clearance box. There was sort of this awkward silence and then he rang up the cards. Victory!

1977 Topps #515 Bob Griese

1982 Topps #303 Walter Payton In Action

1982 Topps #521 Joe Thesimann

1980 Topps #312 Doug Williams

1995 Score #256 Kerry Collins Rookie [Red Version]

1982 Topps #249 Steve Largent

1980 Topps #35 Bob Griese

1978 Topps #120 Bob Griese


Kev said…
love the site, LOVE the Eggers reference in your blog title...


Matt Runyon said…
topps finally got the logo rights in 1981 or 1982. I didn't notice it as a kid, but those 70s cards don't have logos. Still love the cards though!
Anonymous said…
I'm tickled by the shop name, "Three Star Sports Cards." The standard is usually four or five stars as a sign of excellence. I suppose they're just satisfied being a mediocre card shop.
Matt Flaten said…
Thank for the kind words Kev.
Matt Flaten said…

I do hope their name is an ironic statement...but sometimes I wonder...
madding said…
I love the Payton card. Love how he's perfectly parallel to the ground.