The Best Sign From The Wisconsin Protests

My parents were protesters on Sunday in Madison and they managed not to be arrested...although I would have liked to have gotten that phone call.

You may have seen some great collections of the protest signs with this being my favorite:

As a little reminder of how different the Packers are from any other sports team, here's a paragraph from the team's wikipedia page:

Based on the original "Articles of Incorporation for the (then) Green Bay Football Corporation" put into place in 1923, if the Packers franchise were to have been sold, after the payment of all expenses, any remaining money would go to the Sullivan Post of the American Legion in order to build "a proper soldier's memorial." This stipulation was enacted to ensure the club remained in Green Bay and that there could never be any financial enhancement for the shareholders. At the November 1997 annual meeting, shareholders voted to change the beneficiary from the Sullivan-Wallen Post to the Green Bay Packers Foundation, which makes donations to many charities and institutions throughout Wisconsin.


Dawgbones said…
only 1 question. Would you have bailed them out??