2011 Topps Kimball Mini Needs List

2011 Topps Kimball Minis Needs List

Series 1 Completed!: 7-14-11

Series 2  Completed!  8-15-13


The Dimwit said…
Hey Matt, I've got 25, 38 and 40 for you if you're interested. I've got a want list on my blog if you want to work out a trade for these.

Hi Matt-

I have #26 and #36 for you. I have a pathetic excuse for a want list on my blog, but I'd take a few recent Yankee cards in return as well.

AJ aka The Lost Collector
thelostcollector AT gmail DOT com
Anonymous said…
Matt, send me an e-mail with your address. I've got #4 and 21 for you.

jasontcarter at gmail dot com.
A2 Wolverine said…
Hey Matt I have #27 for you let me know if you want it. dustinhhn at gmail dot com
feel free to add me to your blogroll too haha
Robert said…
Hi Matt, I have a few cards off of a couple of your want lists:

Kimball Champions:57,82,83,92,95

A&G Ascent of Man:

AOM 20, AOM 22, AOM 26

Please check out my '11 topps want list and let me know if we can work out a trade...Thanks, Robert